The Family of Rosa Anna Abbott and John Joseph LaValle
John Rose and Harold LaValle
John and Rose Abbott LaValle with son, Harold at Jacob's farm in Collier Township, Allegheny County, PA, 1930. Rose Abbott LaValle Donley Collection.

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Many thanks to Harold's cousin, Charlotte Abbott Dudt, for her willingness to share her love for preservation of the family's history and possessions.

And more thanks to Margie Abbott Page's son, Chuck, for his interest in the family. His enthusiasm spurred us to put it all together in a safe place. We appreciate Forrest Peters work gathering some of the initial family data. We are encouraged to continue because of the enthusiastic reception of the web site, and appreciate the contributions of family: the Kuhlman and Wise descendants, Shirley, Margie and Trudy. Thanks to the Historical Societies of Carnegie, Crafton, Green Tree, Mt. Lebanon and Robinson, for their help and their dedication to perserving our local histories. And thanks to Terry Cook for helping me with my Carnegie, Pennsylvania research.

We are indebted to our friend, Carole E. Anderson, who gave us a gift of extensive research on the John Joseph LaValle family.

This web site is a repository for all the memories, mementoes, stories and facts about the ancestors and descendants of Rose Abbott LaValle Donley and John Joseph LaValle. We will continue to post information that we have collected, and hope that you will feel free to send in your collections and recollections. It would be nice to have a family story/bio on each of Edward and Elizabeth's grandchildren and their families. Remember that your life is news to your grandchildren, now and in the future.

If you find anything personal on this site that you would like to have removed, or if you find any information that you know is incorrect, please contact us at:

All information on this site is under protection of copyright. Feel free to use anything for personal use, for your family histories, or for the preservation of local history. Please do not use anything for monetary gain without contacting us for permission. If you have a related web site, you are welcome to link to this site, but please notify us.

This January of 2004 we are posting the initial family web site. We will continue to post new information as time allows. There will be a page called "What's New" that will be updated when we add new material. Please come back and check things out.

We hope you enjoy this effort, and that it becomes a part of your family's life. and be sure to enter your contact information, so we can all keep in touch!

Sue, Ed, and Janice Donley

P.S. The painting of the Abbott Family Farm has been a cherished possession of various members of the family. Please read more about the painter in the link to the artist. He was surely a neighbor of August and Rosa Abbott in Green Tree Borough, and very likely known by both Christian and Edward Abbott. Their worlds were very close.

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