The Family of Rosa Anna Abbott and John Joseph LaValle

Projectile Point Distribution Map

Projectile Point Distribution Map. This map shows the overlapping distributions of the various projectile points found on the Abbott farm. Click on the boxes below to select the projectile point types that you wish to display on the map. The maps are adapted from Justice, Noel D., Stone Age Spear and Arrow Points of the Midcontinental and Eastern United States, Indiana University Press, Bloomington, 1987.
 Thebes  Kirk Stemmed  Snook Kill  Brewerton Eared Notched  Meadowood  Adena Stemmed  Snyders Corner Notched  Lowe Flared Base  Chesser Notched  Jack's Reef Pentagonal

The maps are color-coded by cultural period:
   Early Archaic (Thebes, Kirk Stemmed)
   Late Archaic (Snook Kill, Brewerton Eared Notched)
   Early Woodland (Meadowood, Adena Stemmed)
   Middle Woodland (Snyders Corner Notched, Lowe Flared Base)
   Middle-Late Woodland (Chesser Notched, Jack's Reef Pentagonal)