The Family of Rosa Anna Abbott and John Joseph LaValle

Rose Abbott LaValle Donley's Frozen Salad

I remember visiting with Aunt Rose and Aunt Clara in the early 60's as a young teenager with my Mother after my father died. I remember Aunt Rose had my mother and I for dinner and fixed a frozen salad which had marshmallows, fruit cocktail and cream cheese. I was so impressed with that salad that I searched cookbooks as a young married wife and fixed it many times. Every time I fixed it I always thought of Aunt Rose.

Email from Marleen Meyers Frye, June 15, 2002

Rose's Recipe Book
Rose Abbott LaValle Donley's Frozen Salad, written in Rose's own handwriting. Rose kept in touch throughout the years with her cousin, Helena Kuhlman Mulheim. Rose probably acquired this recipe from Helena. Collection of Susan K. Donley.