The Family of Rosa Anna Abbott and John Joseph LaValle

Photo and Sources

Description: Mt. Lebanon School class photograph. The schoolhouse was built in 1895 at the corner of Ammann Avenue and Washington Road. See a photograph of the schoolhouse. Miss Mulholland, teacher.

Top row, from left:
Fran Martin, Charles Fetterman, Edward Adolph ABBOTT, Jr., George Goodby, Albert William ABBOTT, Philip Fetterman, John McNeilly, Blake Fetterman.
Third row:
Lizzie Olmer, Alice Powers, Rosana (Rose) ABBOTT DONLEY, Lizzie McDonough, Laura Schreiner, Isabelle Bailey, Nennie McCormick, Edith Alderson.

Second row:
Mary Ohlmer, Ada Martin, Emma Algris, Alice Powers, Bessie Goodboy, Emma Alderson, Agnes Schreiner, Agnes Gilfillan, Ella McKnight.

First row (seated):
Frank Baltman, Phil Power, Howard Harry ABBOTT, Martison Bailey, James Hast, John McCormick, Willie Smith, Clarence Fetterman.
Source: Collection of Janice Yvonne GARLOCK LAVALLE DONLEY
Location: Mount Lebanon, Allegheny County, PA, USA
Date: 1896

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