The Family of Rosa Anna Abbott and John Joseph LaValle

Photo and Sources

Description: The Abbott Farm in Mt. Lebanon shortly before the sale in 1925.

Rev. Beiswenger's son, Rev. Beiswenger, Rosana (Rose) ABBOTT DONLEY, Edward Adolph ABBOTT, Jr., Anna SCHICK ABBOTT, Howard Harry ABBOTT, Mrs. Beiswenger, Edward Adolph ABBOTT, Elizabeth "Lizzie" A. JACOB ABBOTT.
Kneeling in front: Members of the Beiswenger family. Reverend Beiswenger was first pastor of the Bethlehem Lutheran Church, founded 1893.
Source: Collection of Janice Yvonne GARLOCK LAVALLE DONLEY
Location: Mount Lebanon, Allegheny County, PA, USA
Date: 1924

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