The Family of Rosa Anna Abbott and John Joseph LaValle

Photo and Sources

Description: Susan Kay DONLEY's standard poodle, Rosie, wearing a t-shirt given to Sue's father, Harold Edward LAVALLE DONLEY, by Harshaw Chemical Company. Harold invented the SolarCool reflective coating for architectural glass while he worked as a chemist for PPG Industries. Metal Acetyl Acetonates (abbreviated to Ack-Ack on the t-shirt) were the primary components of the reflective coating. Their chemical structure is shown on the t-shirt. SolarCool became the major source of revenue for Harshaw's Acetyl Acetonate production. They created this t-shirt and gave some to Harold in appreciation. Rosie is wearing the t-shirt to test the theory that dogs are less fearful of thunder when wearing a t-shirt! See Harold's Story for some photographs of SolarCool installations and a photograph of of Harold Edward LAVALLE DONLEY's wife, Janice Yvonne GARLOCK LAVALLE DONLEY, admiring an Ack-Ack t-shirt.
Source: Collection of Harold Edward DONLEY, Jr.
Location: Oakmont, Allegheny County, PA, USA
Date: 2004

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