The Family of Rosa Anna Abbott and John Joseph LaValle

Photo and Sources

Description: Children of Christopher/Christian ABICHT/ABBOTT and Magdalena Caroline SCHMELTZ ABICHT/ABBOTT. This is a composite of photographs that were taken at various times and places.

Center Photo: Edward Adolph ABBOTT, Anna ABBOTT DOERR, William ABBOTT, Elizabeth ABBOTT KUHLMAN - 1930

Clockwise from upper left corner: Amelia ABBOTT WISE - 1875, Katherine "Kate" ABBOTT GOEDDEL -1879, Edward Adolph ABBOTT - 1881, Caroline ABBOTT SCHMELZ - 1925, Anna ABBOTT DOERR - 1930, August ABBOTT - 1904, William ABBOTT - 1930, Elizabeth ABBOTT KUHLMAN - 1925

No photos of Rosa ABBOTT, Charles "Charley" ABBOTT, and Albert ABBOTT are available at this time.
Source: Collections of Janice Yvonne GARLOCK LAVALLE DONLEY, Courtesy Dorothy WILSON MATTHEWS, Ruth Elizabeth KUHLMAN CASE
Location: Allegheny County, PA, USA
Date: Unknown

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