The Family of Rosa Anna Abbott and John Joseph LaValle

Family Bibles

Katharina Heim/Heimm's German New Testament, 1850

Katharina Heim/Heimm Trunk
Katharina Heim/Heimm's German New Testament, 1850, 2-3/4 inches x 4-1/4 inches leather bound. Donley Collection.

This German New Testament belonged to Katharina Heim/Heimm. She probably owned it in Walddorf, Schwarzwaldkreis, Wuerttemberg, Germany, before she immigrated to the United States in the early 1850s. See the Johan Jeorg and Katherina Heim Jakob Family story.

On the flyleaf, in beautiful hand-illuminated Old German calligraphy:

This New Testament belongs to
Katharina Heimm
Walddorf, Germany
bleiba fromm und halte dich recht denn solchen wird es zulezt wohl gehen
remain pious and keep yourself right for such will in the end bring prosperity/well-being.
[The line over the "m" designates a double "m".]

John Jacob's New Testament

A Bible was presented to Johann Jacob. See the Johan Jeorg and Katherina Heim Jakob Family story.
(Original in possession of Philip Dudt, Atlanta, GA - son of Charlotte Abbott Dudt, 2003.

The flyleaf of the Bible is inscribed:

To Johann George Jacob
from Waldorf

To Soldier Jacob
Hier Lernt der Weiseste
Der Wahren Weisheit Schatz
Hier fasst der Blödeste
Die göttlichen Gesetze
Hier findet jeder Stand
Für jede Lebenspflicht
In allen Fällen Rath
und hellen Unterricht.
Dem Soldaten

seinen Quartiergebern
in Calw
1. Juli 1849

TRANSLATION - by Gerhard Schuck-Kolben
The wisest of men here learns
The treasure of the real truth.
The dumbest of men here grasps
the Divine Laws.
Every class here finds council and clear instruction
for every duty of life and in all cases.

For the soldier

From those who provided him
with quarters in Calw
l July 1849