The Family of Rosa Anna Abbott and John Joseph LaValle

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I hope you will contribute some of your own memories and stories about family and extended family members. If you find yourself remembering the time when so-and-so said, or did such-and-such, please write it down and share it with me by calling, writing, emailing, or submitting below. I'm also collecting "sayings" or quotes. We all have said "My dad always said ..."; or "My grandpa always said ...". Please add your memories to the collection.

Maybe you have a favorite food or one that you associate with a memory of your childhood. Maybe you have a traditional food for certain occasions--like we always have baked beans, hot dogs, and pumpkin pie for Halloween. I remember my mother-in-law, Rose Abbott Donley's favorite candy was homemade fudge made with cream cheese. She often made this fudge, along with popcorn balls for Christmas. And she always told us how they used to hang popcorn balls on the Christmas tree when they were kids.

Rose also shared a couple of her mother's (Elizabeth Jacob Abbott) cooking traditions. Elizabeth made Filled Noodles and Spinach with Dumplings. Rose served the spinach often; the filled noodles were a special project. And every time we took our family to visit Rose made "Mother's Buttermilk Cookies." And Rose and Elizabeth were prolific bakers of pies. Rose liked banana and coconut cream ones. If we all share some of our own family recipes we will find that we have established traditions of our own.

You can see the photos we have. If you have any different ones, and will allow us make a copy, please contact me. If you took a nice family photo over the holidays and are willing to have it on the web site, send me a copy. If you, or anyone you know, has any old Pittsburgh or Mt. Lebanon post cards, please let me know if you have ones we don�t have, so we can arrange to make copies. Look for them in antique stores when you travel. Postcards from 'here' were sent 'there'.

Send me your name, email address, and phone number so that I can contact you if I need clarification.

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