The Family of Rosa Anna Abbott and John Joseph LaValle

James McFarlane Land Patent, 1788

James McFarlane Land Patent 1788
James McFarlane Land Patent #3363, November 25, 1788. Click on the photo to view a larger image of the document. If you are having trouble reading this document, you can try reading it with the colors reversed. Originally recorded in Pennsylvania Patent Volume P, Number 14, Page 380. Replicated from microfilm at the Pennsylvania State Archives, Harrisburg, PA, Roll 29.21.

Transcription of James McFarlane Patent

The text of James McFarlane's land patent is transcribed below. The pre-printed text is in plain face and the handwritten text is in italics. Text that is striked out in the document are included in the transcription with the replacement text following the striked out text.

The Supreme Executive Council of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. To all to whom these Presents shall come, Greeting! Know ye that in consideration of the monies paid by sum of Forty-one pounds three shillings lawful Money paid by James McFarlane into at the granting of the Warrant hereto after mentioned the Receiver General's Office of this Commonwealth
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there is granted by the said Commonwealth unto the said James McFarlane a certain tract of land called "Black Oak Hill" situate on the West Side of Monongahela River in Allegany [sic] County. Beginning at a post thence by land of Richard Price North twenty eight degrees. West two hundred and eighty perches to a Black thence by vacant land South sixty two degrees west one hundred and eighty perches to a Black Oak. South twenty eight degrees East two hundred and eighty perches to a post and North sixty two degrees East one hundred and eighty perches.

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to the place of the beginning, containing three hundred and three acres and a half and allowance of 6 per cent. for Road &c. with the Appurtenances [which said Tract was surveyed in pursuance of a Warrant to an application No. 3363 entered the 13th June 1769 by the said James McFarlane for whom a warrant of acceptance the 25th day of November Instant. to have and hold the said Tract or Parcel of land with the Appurtenances, unto the said James McFarlane his Heirs and Assigns forever free and clear of all restrictions and reservations as to Mines Royalties, Quit-Rents or otherwise, excepting and reserving only the fifth part of all Gold and Silver Ore for the use of this Commonwealth, to be delivered at the Pitt's mouth clear of all charges. In Witness whereof his Excellency Thomas Mifflin Esq: President of the Supreme Executive Council hath have to set his Hand and caused the State Seal to be hereto affixed in Council the twenty seventh November in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty-eight, and the Commonwealth the twelfth thirteenth.

Attest, Chas. Biddle, Secy.               Thomas Mifflin
     Inrolled [sic] 28th November 1788

The James McFarlane's "Black Oak Hill" tract contains the later site of the Abbott farm. The Scott Township Warantee Map shows where this tract lay in relation to other tracts. See also the James McFarlane Land Survey and Richard Price's Land Survey for the adjacent lot.