The Family of Rosa Anna Abbott and John Joseph LaValle

Elizabeth Jacob Abbott's Filled Noodles

Elizabeth Jacob Abbott's filled noodle recipe was handed down by Rose Abbott LaValle Donley to Janice G. Donley. Harold's two favorite recipes that his mother, Rose Abbott LaValle Donley, made when he was growing up were Filled Noodles, and Spinach & Dumplings.

Braise 6 nice SHORT RIBS and about a pound of CHUCK or BRISKET in cooking oil in Dutch Oven.
Add about 2 quarts WATER, ONION, 4 inch sticks of CELERY and SALT.
Cover pot and simmer 4-5 hours with large pieces onion, celery, salt and pepper.
Remove celery after cooking. Pick meat off ribs and return to broth.
Put rest of beef through meat grinder or chop VERY FINE.

After meat has cooked about 3-4 hours, make up 1 recipe EGG NOODLE DOUGH.
Roll out to about a 17x18-inch square.
Let dough rest.
Cut in approximately 3-inch squares.

Cook 1 box FROZEN SPINACH, according to directions.
Drain very well, pressing against sides of colander to remove all water. (You can add the spinach broth in with the beef broth.)

Mix spinach and chopped meat together with:
Approximately 6 tbsp BREAD CRUMBS

Arrange a tsp of mixture on one corner of noodle squares, but keep it back about 1/2 inch from edge. Brush edge of dough with a pastry brush dampened in cold water. Fold dough over to form triangle, and press edges together with fork tines. Heat broth to boiling, add noodles, and boil gently until dough is done -- 10 to 12 minutes. Serve immediately in soup bowls, with a salad.
(Great as leftovers the following day.)